How to Get into the Video Production Business

If you have a passion for video production or you simply want to work in the video production business, then you need to read this article. Video production is a very lucrative and fulfilling job that you can do for a very long time. This means that there is no retirement age or date. This is something that you can continue to do for a long time. Getting into this business will take some effort and persistence. But with the right attitude and following the tips in this article, you will definitely get it right.

Get and create a very good CV

Before you do anything you need to get a very good CV. This is what will show that you have what it takes to be in the video production business. This will mean getting experience and actually learning how to use some of the software used in this business. To help you get started the best thing you can do is to work as an intern in a video production company. This will give you that edge and lots of experience that you can now put on your CV.

Start sending your CV to everyone

Next you should start sending your CV to everyone that matters. What you can do is to Google “video production Australia” or replaces Australia with your city or state. Then send your CV to their HR departments. You should also know that you will need a very good and interesting cover letter to go with your CV. Also you can look for jobs on job sites. Most people will post jobs on these sites. This is another very good way to get the kind of jobs you are looking for.

Make a short video

Nothing demonstrates your passion for getting into the video production business than having already made your own video. So try and get a small video of your work made. This will clearly make you a favorite when trying to get the attention of people that matter in the industry. There are easy software that you can use such as Adobe Premiere or Avid Media Composer.

Get a business card and start getting contacts

There is no magic here. You need to start networking and getting to meet the right kind of people. Ask your friends and family members. You will be surprised with what you will get from people you thought did not know anybody.

There you have it. If you follow these steps you may well get a job in the video production business. This is not a guarantee but your chances are much higher.

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