Water Skiing Dangers

Water skiing is an adventure sport that is enjoyed by millions of people all over the world. But sadly, not many are aware of the dangers associated with this sport and the injuries that can result from getting dunked at high speed. The best way to prevent these injuries is to wear the right safety gear at all times and remain careful.

Sprains and Ankle Strains

Ankle injuries are probably the commonest types of injuries suffered by water skiers. The skis are bound to the water skier’s ankles. When the skier gets dunked and falls into the water at a great speed, the ankle ligaments have to endure tremendous pressure due to the high impact fall.

This happens because the body of the skier travels in one direction after the fall while the skis travel in the other direction. This is the reason why ankle strains and sprains make up 20 percent of the injuries associated with this extreme water sport.

Water Skiing Douche

If you fall backwards on the water while you are still in a sitting posture, your butts will strike the surface of the water body at a momentous force, causing a huge quantity of water to blast through your rectum or vagina (if you are a woman).

This can result in rectal blow outs or vaginal wall lacerations. Symptoms of water skiing enema or douche resulting from this kind of adventure sport include unexpected and visible bleeding from the rectal or vaginal region.