5 Ways To Keep Your School Safe

Children spend almost most of their time at school than in their home. That’s why as a school owner, you must keep your facility safe for the students all the time. Here’s how to do that:

Designate a Single Point of Entry

Having a secure entrance contributes to the safety of your school. The main entrance should be far away from the driveway as chances are, the drivers may overlook the presence of the children, compromising their safety. You should also have a buzz-in entry system and a school sign outside.

Install CCTV Camera

Security cameras are another effective measure to enhance the place security. Not only to make sure that all the possessions inside are secured but the safety of the people inside as well. Parents preferred to enrol their children in schools that have CCTV camera, knowing that their children are constantly monitored.

Pedestrian Lane

If your entrance is near the road, request for a pedestrian lane on your local government. This is important to ensure that the children won’t experience any road accidents. Moreover, you need to assign a security guard to assists them every time they cross the street.

Educate the Children

Teach the kids some basic safety tips such as to avoid talking to strangers, how to follow road signs and understand school bus etiquette. You should also require them to memorise important names, numbers and address. Moreover, teach them on how to call 911.

Deep Cleaning

The last thing you want to experience is getting complaints from the parents on having unsanitary area. So, from floor to ceiling, make sure that all the surfaces are cleaned. You should also clean the windows and your air conditioner to avoid having too much moisture in your area.

Moreover, to avoid compromising your indoor air quality and attract moulds that can bring allergies and serious diseases. Look for a reliable cleaning service, visit school cleaning services now!