Using Wood for Your Floors at Home

If you want to have an elegant athmosphere for your home interior, then investing for a wooden floor is a must. Both hardwood and softwood is used extensively as flooring materials across homes. Wood from trees such as pine, spruce and fir are considered as softwood and are best for light traffic areas such as bedroom or personal study. Wood from trees like maple, oak, pecan and birch are considered as hardwood. These flooring materials are well-suited for heavy traffic areas such as common area and the living room. Do remember that wooden floors are ideal in areas that are dry and free from moisture although you can treat the floor to protect it from moisture-related damages.

Selecting Wood for your Flooring

Different species of softwood and hardwood differ in texture, colour, grain pattern, density, colour and price. Each species is further divided into different grades that adhere to specific quality standard and pricing. The style of sawing also influences the wood’s durability and appearance. The colour of the wood depends on the species selected and the stains used during polishing.

While selecting a wood for your floors do remember that all wooden floors offer the same kind of durability under normal circumstances. Select flooring Melbourne by appearance and colour so that it blends harmoniously with your furniture and furnishings.

Birch and Maple

Both birch and maple are white in colour with brown granular lines that provide a unique, modern look to your floors. These are bright floors that can brighten up any room, no matter the size or lighting options. Birch and maple floors have a smooth finish with almost no staining. Professional finishing is recommended for such type of floor as the surface can get easily scratch if you try to sand it by yourself. Hiring the professionals to do the polishing work is important. Check wooden floor polishing in Ipswich here.

Other popular wood suited for floorings are Oak, Cherry and Walnut, Hemlock and Pine.