Start Working Overseas – Things to Keep Ready

Working Overseas

Create different resumes for different types of Jobs in Thailand if you are applying for multiple positions. Create different versions of your resume and store all electronic copies in your mailbox and USB port. Do some competitor analysis for getting a realistic view on how good your resume is.

Taking care of tax issues

Just because you have conveniently found a way by working overseas doesn’t mean that you are safe from tax radar. In simple terms this means you need to pay tax wherever you go in the world unless you get paid in cash.

Learn about the taxation system at your travel destination and make sure you get the equivalent of your Domestic Tax file number to your employer. You will have to shift through layers of govt. departments to get your tax file equivalent.

Resume updating

The most important thing about working overseas is that you to get a suitable job! Jokes apart, your resume is your biggest weapon here and you have to keep polishing (read updating) it to perfection.

Open a bank account

If you want to stay anywhere in excess of six months you should seriously think of opening a bank account. It’s safer and more reliable to keep your money in a bank than to carry it around with you.

Visit the local bank at your travel destination for holiday with your passport and a valid address proof along with some references and carry out all the procedures which they suggest.

Aside from sales job, you can also be a forklift operator. Find the job that’s best for you in Thailand.

One of the things that you need to look for a reliable furniture removals company, is the insurance policy towards the items they are transporting.