Working Out the Obstacles for the Mobile Coffee Van Business

When you’re planning to start a mobile coffee van business, there’s a lot of things to consider. Whilst there’s a seemingly infinite number of advantages to it, it’s wise to always consider areas that you need to bolster to succeed. A smart business person not only considers the strengths but takes care of the weaknesses as well.

There are a number of weak links that you would want to quash before they even give you a problem. Realistically, any business has them. But they’re a lot more prevalent than others in the coffee business.

  • Working Competition

In any business, especially with a mobile coffee van, competition is a big factor. The thing is that it’s not only the cafés, diners and fast food establishments you’re in competition with—it’s the entire food service industry.

Coffee is downright essential in many Aussies’ lifestyle, but just how many will seek you out for your brew? What makes you different that people will flock your truck? How do you build customer loyalty? Once you answer these, you can get going.

  • Permits and Licences

Permits and licensing are not a new thing, but you need to have them taken care of. This rule varies from city to city, so do check with your local council on what’s their laws on street trading.

More often than not, these can be taken care of quite easily—with hygiene, sanitation and food safety permits typically going with the street trading requirements. You need to have staff competent enough to run the business when you’re not looking.

  • Trade Times of the Day

Trading times is something you would want to resolve for yourself. The thing is that you need to know the peak times where your locale buys their coffee. The morning is an obvious time of the day and you can expect a line out.

The thing is that many people also like to drink their coffee, specifically iced ones, in the evening. At most, you would want to cover two shifts and provide a variety of drinks that can be prepared from the back of your van.

  • High Level of Skills Training Needed

Training is something you would want to address even before opening your business. Whilst there’s not much of an expectation for a mobile coffee van to have knowledge of gourmet techniques and complicated brewing, you need to at least know the important things.

The right temperature, the right roast, the correct brew and the correct type can mean the world. Get in touch with a mobile coffee van and start your own business now!